Salary Benchmarking

Strategic Workforce Architecture

Fact based insights to help you make informed business decisions.

With access to robust market data and fact-based insights from across the globe, we provide our clients with the salary benchmarking, employment trends and other key information they require to position their organisation as an employer-of-choice and maintain competitive advantage worldwide.

We assist you to manage your international assignment costs and calculate fair expatriate compensation packages by providing precise in-country market salary rates and data trends. We can undertake country comparison rates to assist you to plan your global workforce investment.

Local & Global

Whether you’re a global organisation working within several industries, or operating in one country in a specific industry, we have the tools you need to understand your company’s position in your specific market.


Use our in-country knowledge base and remuneration benchmarks to calculate the cost of living and allowances for expatriate assignee’s accurately to enable you to attract and retain the best talent and compete globally.

Structuring Expertise

After conducting an assignment analysis and requirement review, we advise organizations how to strategically structure their in-country workforce to maximize benefits and adhere to regulatory compliance.

Tax Considerations

In-country taxation advisory to meet the challenges of local and global tax considerations, social security implications and regulatory compliance requirements for international assignments.

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